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Hey there folks.

It’s been a while.  And it’s going to be a while.  And that’s OK.

I love writing, and I miss it dearly.  There are things I’m constantly ruminating, connections being made, and generally stuff happening that I’d like to share.  I always have more writing prompts than time to write, and some of them don’t age well (by the time I might be able to say something insightful, that insight is no longer novel).

I’m confident that the evolution of technology and its role in society as an iterative shaper of humanity will come about in ways that are close to what I’ve been doodling in my notebooks for years, except that it’ll be more awesome.  The general theme seems to be that the projected tangent is good, but the specific manifestations will be shaped a little different – the corporate angle on them will continue to be bungled and miss some obvious and amazing opportunities, but then a more independent spaces will bust it wide open and make something that much cooler instead.  It’s 60/40 in favor of the independent innovation scene, so I have high hopes for good things happening.

I’m intentionally foregoing opportunities to share something prescient and timely, and to play in very creative spaces.  I have to admit to myself that, what with the day job and the limitations on energy due to the laws of metabolism and the realities of McArdle’s disease, I finally need to really focus my extracurricular creativity into something narrow lest I continue to be exhausted and risk becoming utterly ineffective.

I’ve known that for a while, and I’ve tried to narrow it down before: scheduling areas of interest by day, limiting the total number of endeavors, etc.  Progressively and iteratively trying to cut things down and ending up dissatisfied with the trade-off.  This, however, has changed – the “satisfaction” side of the scale has tipped to the degree that I think I may have found my calling in physics (largely theoretical, but with a healthy dose of practical).  I think I have something to offer this field that might eventually contribute to additional rungs on the collective ladder of human understanding of the universe, and that speaks to me in profound ways.

So, yeah.  I’m laying a lot aside, and I’m digging in as deep as I can.  I have been for a while, and it looks like it’s got some staying power.  Sorry for the radio silence – but I think this will be worth it.

Peace out.

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