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Technology is a force-multiplier: a tool which either makes more efficient those things its users naturally undertake, or which enables the exploration of new undertakings not otherwise possible. It overcomes limitations and compensates for deficiencies, supercharges efficiency and productivity, and opens new realms of inquiry, comprehension, and performance.

It's also a mixed blessing. Increases in productivity more frequently fuel demand for increased availability and/or decreased cost of the produced asset(s) than they increase leisure; an ever-more-interdependent set of globalized infrastructures, though contributing significantly to the quality and duration of life, do so at great (even unsustainable) costs in other areas (or to other beings); expectations of performance and engagement move the needle of human values and activity toward complexity and exhaustion.

But there is no idyllic past to be re-created through eschewing technological advance, nor easy answers for the problems created or exacerbated through the proliferation of technology; as usual, the issues and factors are involved and nuanced. The way out is probably through, not back, and will require an involved and literate population.

For my part, I see this largely inseperable from the sciences, which serve as the foundation for all feats of engineering, technopolitical or otherwise.

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