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NOTICE: I'm under active development at the moment, moving content over from my old site. You're likely to hit a few empty or incomplete pages; sorry for the inconvenience.


I'm a software professional with aspirations in physics, and occasional artistic dabblings. I love the pursuit of knowledge, the thrill of personal growth and resulting acquisition of capabilities, and the new worlds and vistas opened by every tool and technique added to the belt. Over the years the energy I've applied to this pursuit has been increasingly constrained by physical limitations, narrowing my field of focus and painfulfully retiring some of those interests. Builds character, I suppose.

As a consequence of the narrowed field I don't blog as often as I used to, instead throwing spare time[?] into physics, and math in the support of physics. I'm affable though somewhat intense, and very introverted (INTJ / INFJ; not antisocial or awkward, just comfortable on my own and very focused). I try to be easy to contact, and am happy to lend a hand (or direct you to others who can do it better). Drop me a line any time.